Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 Word of the Year: Focus

I've always been a New Year's Resolution kinda gal. I know that's not really cool anymore, but old habits die hard, I guess. I will admit that a lot of my past goals have fallen into the stereotypical lose weight/get healthy/save money/generic personal growth category, and so last year I set out to change that with A Year of Creative Habits. Essentially I tried a new creative hobby every month and then (most months) interviewed someone I knew who was particularly talented at that type of creative expression. (You can look back through the interview archives here.)

Looking back, it was probably my favorite resolution ever, not only because it was fun to try all the different creative things I've always wanted to learn, but also because it allowed me to narrow down the things I really love and want to continue. My problem has always been that I tend to take on more than I realistically have time for, and so I end up being okay at a lot of things, but not great at any.

That experience, and thinking goals for this year led me to a common theme: focus.

Focus, as I've mentioned, is not my strong suit, and it will definitely be a challenge to resist my ingrained dilettante ways. Isn't that the real purpose of resolutions, though? To move from what's comfortable to the person we want to be? So focus it is. I decided to structure my specific goals for this year so that they were congruent with the theme I've chosen--they had to be narrow and specific, with only one per area.  Here's what I came up with:

Focus my mental resources on learning as much as I can about British history.
Focus my creative resources on improving my photography skills.
Focus my physical resources on fitness and creating an exercise regimen I feel good about.
Focus my spiritual resources on developing consistent, daily religious practices.
Focus my financial resources on travel--particularly a return trip to England in summer 2018.

Like I said before, I've always been into resolutions, but this year I think I'm more excited than ever--because not only do I have a plan, but I have a purpose, a common thread tying it all together. I'm excited to talk more later about the specifics of moving toward my goals, structuring my time to keep myself on track, and monitoring my progress going forward. Here's to a better, more focused 2017.

Do you do a word-of-the year? What are your goals for 2017?

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  1. I love your word and how you're thinking about it in a few different ways :) My word this year is passion and I did embrace before. Have an amazing 2017!


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