Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Vinyl Wishlist

My record collection is decent, but not huge--my wishlist, on the other hand, is out of control. Music and books are two of the main reasons that minimalism will never be for me. There's just so much good music out there, and as much as I love the accessibility of digital music, there's something about holding a record in your hand that is a totally different experience. Spotify is great for a casual listen, and finding new artists, but vinyl takes music out of the background, and makes it the focal point--oh, and it also actually helps artists make a living. Here are a few records that are at the top of my wishlist lately:

1// Daughter, Not to Disappear: Daughter is perfect mood music. I listen to their first album at least weekly.   

2// EL VY, Return to the Moon: Can you really go wrong with Matt Berninger? I think not.

3// Father John Misty, I  Love You, Honeybear: This one has been on my wishlist for what seems like forever, but for some reason, it keeps getting pushed back for other buys. It's your time, Father John Misty.

4// Francoise Hardy, Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour: Oh man, I have been on such a Francoise Hardy kick lately. French music and spring just go together so perfectly.

5// Lucius, Good Grief: This is one I will definitely end up buying, because I've listened to it so much on Spotify that it's actually making me feel a little bit guilty. SO GOOD.

6// The Lumineers, Cleopatra: For some reason, the Lumineers are more of a summer/fall sound to me, so this one may be one I wait one....but then again, I really love the Lumineers, so I may not be able to resist!

7// Misterwives, Our Own House: This is going to be my warm-summer-day-windows-open record, I can just feel it. The neighbors are going to love me.

8// Phil Collins, Take a Look at Me Now, Collector's Edition Box Set: Stop judging me. I love Phil Collins so much.

9// St. Lucia, Matter: "Dancing on Glass" is my jam right now. The whole album is just 80s pop goodness.

Anything I should add to my music must-haves? I'm always on the lookout for new tunes!

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