Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October: Favorite Reads


October just might have been the best month of the year so far--even with the crazy sickness that plagued our household, it's giving all the others a run for their money. My blog feed hasn't been disappointing, either. Here are a few favorites from my favorite month, in no particular order. 

1. "#blakeandhaley", "B+H Private Reveal", and "Wedding photos are here!" at Mushaboom. (I know, I know, that's like three posts in one. Go look at them and you try to narrow it down more than that!) Haley is so super sweet, and her wedding was beautiful--classic, but so personal. Warning: bring tissues. That first look and pictures of her dad putting on her wedding shoes? Waterworks. 

2. "Peter Pan and The Lost Boys Costume DIY" at A Beautiful Mess. Katie is so talented, and holy moly are these costumes adorable! I'm going to bookmark this one for when I have a couple kiddos of my own. (More pictures are on Katie's blog here.)

3. "Last Minute Costume Idea / Hamburgalar" at Always Rooney. I chuckled out loud when I saw Courtney in this costume. Super cute, super funny, super easy to make--the best combo. 

4. "5 Reasons the 90's Were the Best Times to Be a Kid" at His Little Lady. Okay, yes, I'm technically an 80s kid, but a good chunk of my childhood took place in the 90s, and whoooooooa nostalgia. 

5.  "I Am" at A Girl Named Leney. This is so simple, but so incredibly powerful. 

6. "Autumn Details" at A Little Darling. I just love Emma's blog. She has such a sweet, genuinely beautiful spirit, and she cherishes the little things in life that so many pass right by. Also, these pictures are stunning.

7. "Breaking News" at Avocado Grove. THERE IS A VIDEO OF A FOX.

8. "The Music // Video" at Adventures in No Man's Land.  Katie is one of my favorite new follows. Her honesty and authenticity is so refreshing. She's also super talented--she takes gorgeous pictures, and girl can SING. I love this post, because it struck me as so brave; coming from a singing past myself, I know how terrifying it can be to put yourself out there.

9. "Dancing Ones" at Deer Circus. If Bridget is anything, it's eloquent. Love her thoughts.

10. "You Are Beautiful, My Darling. There is Not a Flaw in You." at Floral Mountains.  So much wisdom in a single post. So much.

11. "People of Portland" at Just Lovely. This is such a great story, and a great project. So many people walk through life feeling invisible.

12. "Beka & Spencer / Part I" at Sein.box. The use of light in these photos--wow. There's such an intimate feel to them. Truly fantastic. 

13. "You're My Phantom Limb" at Lyds Was Here. This might be one of my favorite blog posts of all time, not just for October. It's heartbreaking and brave and inspiring and hopeful and really just amazing in every way.

Have you found any extra-great posts this month? Or written one? Send a link my way!


  1. Awh. <3 I'm so glad we follow each other's blog, you're too too sweet. ( And you should reveal your hidden musical talent ASAP!) xxxx

    1. Eeek! I'm not as brave (or as good) as you!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, girl! I was clicking on the links, and all of a sudden I was like "hey, that's my blog!!" haha. It was a nice surprise :-) Excited to check these posts out!

    1. Haha, of course! That fox video made my whole week! They're my favorite animals! I've been trying to convince the mister that we need a pet fox for ages.

  3. Oh dear...I was trying to get caught up on my Bloglovin' feed and now I've added a bunch of new blogs to read...

    1. Oops! At least they're good ones, right? :)

  4. I am just now seeing this (my computer has been broken for awhile and I haven't been reading blogs!), but it touched me so much to see my post on this list.
    Thank you, Jess! <3

    1. You are so welcome. It was such a beautiful post. <3


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