Tuesday, May 2, 2017

KC Spring

Spring has finally, truly arrived in Kansas City! There's something about spring every year that's just so motivating--except those rainy days when my idea of productivity is reading through a couple novels before dinner time. We've definitely had a few of those days recently, but it's honestly been really nice. This time of year is so crazy hectic at work that being forced to slow down in the evenings and on weekends is a nice balance. And the Libra in me is all about balance, you know. :)

Somewhere in the craziness of the past couple weeks, when the weather was especially gorgeous,  I managed to drag my mister out into the sunshine for some park adventures and a few photos.  I chopped my hair off over spring break, and finally figured out what to do with it, so naturally I had to document the occasion, right? It was a great idea in theory, but didn't exactly account for the crazy wind that day. Hey, that's life, I guess. :) Hopefully there will be many more sunny days in the near future.

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