Wednesday, November 30, 2016

KC Loves: Nelson-Atkins Museum

I love a lot of things about living in KC, but two of the big ones are (1) having a big, gorgeous, free(!) art museum, and (2) having local friends who love going to art museums. Last week, on Thanksgiving Break, my friend Claire and I drove into the city for brunch at Heirloom Bakery and then spent hours wandering the halls of the Nelson-Atkins museum. When I say hours, I seriously mean hours--my feet hurt when we left, and it was two full hours later than either of us realized! It was the best day, and we literally saw everything in the museum except the special exhibit. Obviously I had serious heart-eyes for the British section, and I also stared for an extra-long at the Andrew Wyeth painting in the American area. He is forever my favorite. Claire and I both became fascinated with trying to find the oldest piece in the museum--and we spent a lot of time in the modern art area too. 

Looking back through all these photos, I can honestly say that there wasn't a single part of the museum that I didn't love. Previously I hadn't really appreciated Asian or Middle-Eastern art as much as some other types, but Claire was really into them, and maybe it was just seeing them through someone else's eyes, but I started to notice their beauty and intricacies in a whole new way. Just imagining how these things had been created--and so long ago, without the benefit of the technologies to which we have access today--was a little mind-blowing. It definitely made me wish I had a smidgen of artistic talent.

If you're ever in KC and need someone to hit up the Nelson with, I'm your girl. You might have to drag me away from the Andrew Wyeth, though. ;)

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  1. Your photography is beautiful! I'm ashamed I haven't made it to the Seattle Art Museum yet. You reminded me to get on that.


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