Friday, July 8, 2016

Rug Wishlist

If I had to break down my thoughts into percentages, a good 20% at least would have to involve home decor in some way (the other 80% is England, cats, coffee, Game of Thrones, and Matthew Gray Gubler....oh, and probably Tyler too). I'm never really satisfied with our little space, although I'm a lot happier with it now than in previous years, and I'm always looking for ways to improve. Since we rent, hardwood floors aren't a possibility (*insert a million tears*) but that doesn't stop me from perusing the internet for a few rugs to toss here and there. Our decor right now is mostly neutral, so I've been thinking about ways to add some more color into our lives, and I'm thinking a rug is a good first step (I say this, even as one of these rugs is black and white! Oops! What can I say? I love me some neutrals). Here are some of my favorites lately:

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  1. You're speaking my love language here. I want a new rug for the living room, and I can't decide if I want something bright and colorful (#4 is incredible), or something calmer like #2 or maybe a vegan cowhide from UO. Sounds like my apartment is sort of the opposite of yours-mine looks like a textile tornado right now. :)


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