Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Playlist

This month made me realize just how much of my playlists come from (1) driving between buildings listening to KC radio, which is awesome (The Buzz and The Bridge just get me, ya know?) or (2) listening to Spotify at my desk at work. Since a sizeable chunk of my work time is spent either in my car or at my desk, my new music discoveries (and old music re-discoveries) have really decreased since I've been off work. Even with that, though, this month's playlist might be one of my favorites; I'm SUPER obsessed with Glass Animals lately, and I've been really getting back into Josh Garrels, too. Maybe not being inundated with new music constantly forces me to be more conscious of music I really connect with, rather than just what I like for a month or so at a time? Whatever it is, I'm good with it. 

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