Monday, February 22, 2016

Explorin' KC

Saturday the weather was just too amazing. 70+ and sunny. I don't think there's any way I could have stayed inside if I had to, anyway, but since I had no real plans and my to-do list was pretty short, I  decided to grab Tyler and go explore a bit more of Kansas City. (He begged me to let him out of the car a couple times, but I just ignored him....). I'm pretty sure everyone in the metro had the same idea, because everywhere we went was packed (!!!) but we had a blast regardless. Here are a few photos from our little adventure.
Tyler spotted the most amazing vintage clothing store that had super reasonable prices! I had to show some serious restraint, but did manage to snag this gorgeous 1940's linen dress.

Guys, I found the bookstore of my dreams. Well, that's Powell's in Portland, really, but Prospero's on 39th is a darn close second. It has the perfect bookstore atmosphere: creaky floors, rolling book ladders, and that worn-in old book smell. I could have literally stayed all day.
I know it's too soon to say this since I haven't been down to West Bottoms during first weekend (although it's on the calendar for March!) but Westport just might be my favorite part of KC. It just has so much character! Maybe I'm a little deprived since we live in the land of suburban sprawl where looks identical and there's an Old Navy and a Starbucks on every corner, but that is my favorite thing about the area. I miss local shops so much since moving from Springfield, and Westport just fills that need so well.

Of course we had to throw a coffee break in there. We stopped in at Broadway Café and I downed an iced chai in about 3.5 seconds. It was pretty close to heaven. (I really need to explore the KC coffee scene more. I think Thou Mayest is next on my list--I mean, I have a "timshel" tattoo on my arm, so it's meant to be, right?)

Of course we had to stop in to my favorite little record store, Mills. I didn't end up buying anything (this time!) but I added a couple things to my wishlist! This mural is nearby. KC has so many great murals. I think you could do an entire photo series just on those.

We ended the day at Anthropologie--obviously not a local spot, but we were back in the 'burbs by this time. We happened upon it one night, and it's about ten minutes from where we live. So dangerous.  I bought a glass with a unicorn on it (because one does not simply leave a unicorn glass behind) and snagged a pair of $118 pants for twenty dollars you guys. They had a lot more clearance than the Anthro on the Plaza, leading me to believe that I may not be the only one who didn't realize it was there. Downside: there isn't a Free People, UO, or Madewell just down the street, but everything has a trade-off.

I'm feeling more like a KC local day by day. Now I just need another sunny Saturday, and I can check some more places off my list!  



  1. I have a Google Map that's "Places I Want To Visit" and anytime I find something interesting I put it on there - and I definitely just added Boomerang to my KC map! It makes me a little sad that my sister is moving back from KC (no more free place to stay!) but I'm thinking I'm going to have to get my friends to come with me for a weekend getaway there soon - so keep the recommendations coming!

    1. You won't regret it! There's also a sweet handmade shop next door, and Donna's Dress Shop & Prospero's Books are right down the street!


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