Monday, August 17, 2015

National Thrift Shop Day!

Somebody hide Macklemore's keys, because today is National Thrift Shop Day (terrible joke, I know--but how else are you going to introduce a post like this, hm?). I've slacked quite a bit on my thrifting lately out of general busyness, but I've been known to come home with a few gems in my time. Sometimes these gems make it to the blog and other times, they're photographed and then sit in my Flickr account for six months or more (oops) like this one:


Tyler calls them my Mork & Mindy overalls (and generally refuses to be seen in public with me while I'm wearing them); I call them awesome.


To be honest, they aren't the most practical piece of clothing I own, but they very well may be one of the most fun...and I'm not the best thrifter on the planet. I have friends who are thrifting queens, and always manage to come out of the store with amazing pieces at amazing prices. Cases in point--I have a friend who seems like she finds Pendleton stuff ALL.THE.TIME. and once picked up a pair of Frye boots in an antique store. Of course they were her size, because she has the best luck ever. (You know who you are Danavee!). Another friend of mine thrifts the best outfits consistently and managed to snag a pair of Minnetonkas at the local DAV. I'm just not that lucky, but once in a while, I find something I really, really like. Maybe in honor of National Thrift Shop Day, I should hop back on the wagon and see if I can improve my luck. The perfect set of Pyrex may be waiting for me.


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  1. Bahaha! Love it. And I love seeing you in your DARLING overalls!

    Now I need to find something Minnetonka at the thrift! #goals


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