Friday, August 22, 2014

Things I Have Learned This Week.


1// My brain does not function as well as it did the first time I went to grad school.

2// I am the worst at eyebrows. I can maintain, but when it comes to altering them whatsoever, NOPE. I thought about trying to shape mine today, and then freaked out and decided I couldn't do it (which was probably for the best, since I didn't screw them up).  Also, I'm glad the Benefit eyebrow bar exists--best decision ever.

3// One of my classes requires me to train a giant hissing cockroach. This was not a happy discovery.

4// Oliver loves Tyler more than he loves me, and it kills me. (Henry is still a mama's boy, though.)

5// High levels of stress don't incapacitate me, but they come pretty darn close.

6// Wine helps. So does organization.

7// Awesome coworkers who recognize when I'm struggling and rearrange things so that I get a break from more high-demand kiddos also help. A lot.

8// I get more excited about tattoo appointments than almost anything else.

9// I really really really love school.

10// I also really really love sleep. Sometimes I have to choose between loves.

11// I am much a much happier person after dessert.

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  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying school - even when it's difficult! :-)


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