Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On Being a Cat Mom



I've become one of those annoying pet people (not only to other humans but also--judging by their faces--my cats, who apparently are not big fans of photoshoots. I promise they love me). I never thought I'd be the type to talk about my cats like they're my kids, but here we are. I have more pictures of my cats on my phone than anyone or anything else. I'm paranoid beyond belief that I'm going to roll over on one in the middle of the night (yes, they sleep with us). When they're sick, I'm a huge ball of teary anxiety, and I admit to worrying during the day if they're alright.

I haven't hopped on the crazy-train, I'm the freaking conductor, and I'm taking this thing to My-Cats-Are-Awesome-Ville.

(Tyler's also on board, though, because he gives the cats heartfelt lectures about "playing nice" and "being safe"--AND when he leaves for work, he always makes sure to tell them which one of us will be home first. SO.)


All kidding aside, though, I really never thought I would love any cats as much as these guys. Having something to nurture, love, and sustain is just the best. It's also a little terrifying to be completely in charge of the well-being of another living thing--to have a moving breathing life depend on you for nearly everything. How do people ever have human children?! I think I'll just stick to furbabies for now.


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