Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July's Favorite Posts


Just a few of my favorite posts from July, found around the ol' internets.

1. "Today I'm Not Okay, and That's Okay" and "She As a Wanderer" at Caylee Grey. Sometimes I swear Caylee lives in my brain. She so often writes the words I wish I could come up with.

2. "The Problem With Body-Shaming" at Haley Tucker. It's 2014, you guys. Can we be done with the ridiculous standards of physical perfection and just love our bodies and treat them well?

3. "The Arduous Road to Actually Liking Myself" at Smile Me Pretty. This is an insanely brave and beautiful post.

4. "To Write a Letter" at Deer Circus. I love everything about this. Even though I'm the worst penpal in the history of the known universe and my only penpal is a close friend that I've had a million real-life adventures with, I love the first line of this post so much--it's how I feel about a lot of my "online" friends. It does make me want to go write a letter right this moment though!

5. "Make This: Sweet Peach Iced Tea Popsicles" at Paper & Stitch. Um, YUM.

6. "Sun/Food/Dog/London" at essiebutton. Haley recommended this blog/vlog to me when we hung out a couple weeks ago when we were talking beauty stuff, because she knows how I feel about England. Sure enough, I like the beauty posts, but it's the lifestyle/life-in-England posts that I obsess over. That gal gets me.

7. Every single post at The London Project.  Because, obsessed. Duh.

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