Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Favorites: Face

I am far from a beauty guru. If we're being honest here, until a couples months ago, I had worn the exact same brand and type of foundation since high school. I've just been lucky in the skin department for most of my life, so there was really no need to fix what wasn't broken, you know what I mean? As I inch a little closer to thirty (eek!) though, my skin really is changing, and I've had to start experimenting a little to figure out what will work best for this next stage in life. I've added some new things to my skincare routine (you can read about some of my skincare faves here, and a part two is in the works!) and I've started trying to invest a little more in makeup as well. Here are a few current favorites in the makeup department.


1// Benefit Boi-ing Concealer: I tried this at the recommendation of a girl at Ulta while we were commiserating about dark undereye circles, and it is my go-to concealer--not only for dark circles, but blemishes too. It has the perfect consistency, blends naturally, and covers really well. It also doesn't settle into fine lines, not that I have any of those. Ahem.

2// Benefit Eye Bright Pencil:  I use this in conjunction with the concealer when I haven't slept well and my dark circles are extra out-of-control, which seems to be happening more often now that I'm back in grad school. It works wonders!

3//Benefit Porefessional Primer: Confession time: I didn't start using primer until a couple years ago--actually, the first time I used it was at my wedding, and I didn't use it consistently for months afterward. I have since become fully convinced of the error of my ways, and this stuff is gold as far as my skin is concerned. I consider it a splurge and use some cheaper stuff on a day-to-day basis, but lets just say I'm tempted to apply to work part time with Benefit (I'm a fan, if you couldn't tell by this collection...) and tell them they can just pay me in Porefessional.

4// Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation: I bought this at Haley's suggestion, and I can say 100% that it is the best foundation I have ever tried. And let me tell you, I have tried a ton since beginning my search for a new foundation. I was a bit worried about it drying out my skin, since I have a tendency toward dryness anyway, but so far so good. I mainly use this on the weekends, so my skin does get a break (since it is full coverage), but seriously, I'm in love.

5// ELF Tone Correcting Powder: I adore this stuff. Being a(n extremely) fair-complected gal, I have the worst time finding powder. Either it's waaaay too dark, or it makes me look like Wednesday Adams. This blends perfectly while balancing my skin tone, and--bonus!--it's only about $3.

What are your makeup must-haves? I'm always up for trying new stuff!

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