Tuesday, February 11, 2014

PL Weekly.

I know I've mentioned doing Project Life before and even given a few sneak peeks of my (still in-progress) wedding album. Well, I've also been doing weekly pages for this year and trying to go back and make pages for major events from 2013 (since 2013 was our first full year of marriage). Nothing like jumping in with both feet, huh?

I'll be sharing some of my pages periodically here on the blog, but I'll try not to post them too terribly often. I would love to hear any thoughts or ideas from fellow PLers/scrappers/creatives in general, too. Just remember, I'm still a beginner, so be nice!

Today I'm posting the first few weekly pages (although not last week's because I'm about a week behind, eesh!). At first it really bothered me that they were so different from each other, because I thought it made the album less cohesive. The more I looked through it, though, the more I began to see it as a better reflection of the week and of my (rather, um, eclectic) personality. So I've come to accept it. Maybe someday I'll have an album with the same theme for the whole year....but is it bad if I kinda hope not? :)

(Title page)

(Week one, left side)

(Week one, right side)

(Week two, left side)

(Week two, right side)

(Week three, left side)
(Week three, right side)

(Week four, left side)

(Week four, right side)

(Week five, left side)

(Week five, right side)

So that's it. Anyone else taking the weekly route for 2014? I'm loving it so far; I'm finding it's really keeping me accountable and helping me find memorable moments throughout the week, even in the small things. :)


  1. I will live my 'project life dreams' vicariously through you. I don't have the time or patience to make one, but I'm obsessed with looking at other people's, and yours is amazing!

    1. Aw, thanks. I definitely have a lot to learn, but it's so much fun! It seems like the more I get into it, the more time it seems to take up, though.

  2. Ah I'm so loving your Project Life. I really like that it's different every week. You can't see it because you created it, but everything is very cohesive and very *you* to me. And those weekly cards help with the consistency. I agree with you about the different weeks being a reflection of you at that week. Love that. I could never do an entire year with the same theme, I'd die of the boringness. And it would make such a poor reflection of my life.

    My favourite from your January is your week two. Stunning. I could be bias towards snow and grey, though. Looking forward to seeing more pages. The more you do the more you get accustomed to it, and comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I LOVE those weekly cards! I'll probably thank you a million more times for sending those to me. :) You are always so encouraging, Caylee. I appreciate you so much! <3

  3. Yours is looking awesome! Mine is very plain in comparison - but I'm just getting started and putting in a lot of my old pictures. I don't take enough to do a weekly album, I'm afraid it would be quite boring, but once I get caught up I want to keep updating it regularly.

    1. How did I miss that you were doing PL?! Post some pictures, girl! I wanna see!

  4. Ahh! I love this! You have such a great eye for design and photography. I can't wait to see more. Also, I was probably a little too excited to see that I made it onto a page!! :)

    1. Are you kidding? Our visit was the highlight of my month!


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