Monday, January 6, 2014

Beat the Winter Blues

It's been more than a bit dreary around here lately--freezing and snowy. While snow is pretty to look at, it also has a tendency to keep us cooped up in the apartment, especially when the roads are bad and the wind chill is well below zero. Being cooped up generally leads to cabin fever, which kinda bums me out a little. I grew up on 40 acres in the country; I need to be outside regularly to be happy (and sane!). Monday, that just wasn't happening, though; I'm brave, but not brave enough for a -25 windchill and unsalted roads. (Side note: I have family in Alaska that are probably laughing at me right now with their winter -50 actual temps!) Two days in a row without being outside might not seem like much, but it was starting to really get to me by Monday afternoon (besides, there's a difference between deciding to stay in for a couple days and not having a choice, amiright?). Instead of moping, I decided to make a peppy playlist and blare it while finding things to occupy my time--which may or may not have included dancing around the apartment. I thought I'd share in case you're fighting a case of the winter blues yourself.

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