Friday, December 13, 2013

Xmas at the Abode

If I'm being honest, I've had most of our Christmas decorations up since the weekend after Halloween, but I thought I would hold off on flooding you guys with pictures--partially out of consideration for Thanksgiving celebrations, and partially because I decided to make some of them and they weren't finished. Actually, they still aren't finished (*gulp*) but I couldn't wait any longer. Here are just a few peeks around the apartment. (I can't show you everything or you'll definitely think I'm a Christmas-obsessed crazy person...although there might be one more little post when I finally finish all those darn decorations!)


Mismatched Christmas trees all day long.



Target knows how to drain my bank account: foxes in scarves!




Clearly I have a very defined Christmas style. It's called, "Yes, I will have all the Christmas things."


I'd love to see how you're decked out for the holidays. If you have any awesome Christmasy photos, leave me a link!


  1. OOOOhhh, so Christmassy! Love your style, mine is the same - gather all the Christmas things together. I love that fox! My bank account is definitely glad there are no Target stores in the UK, its such an amazing shop!

    1. That is officially the only thing about the UK that I don't think is absolutely amazing. Haha. It would definitely be better for my bank account, though. I'm obsessed with Target.

  2. Where is that nativity scene from? I love it! that a film canister ornament I see? It all looks so good! :)

    1. The nativity is from Target! They have some angel ornaments that match! My husband made that film canister ornament last year because he wanted to give me some money for a camera, but wanted to do it in a creative way. So he hid it on the tree. It was pretty cute. :) He's a keeper, I'd say.

  3. Cute! I definitely plan on making one of these posts soon! :) Love the little nativity set, I'm on the hunt for a perfect one!

    1. I can't wait to see your decorations! I can never find a "serious" nativity set that I really like, but I thought that one was pretty cute. :)

  4. I love people who decorate EVERYTHING. I hope to be one of those people one day, haha. I love your decorations, your home looks like a cheerful place to be.


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