Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November in IG

Here's what I've been up to lately, according to Instagram:


Starbucks gold member--signaling a whole new level of addiction // Went to Elle's for some spicy hot chocolate and ended up being interviewed about how amazing that place is. // Christmas decorating....//...is much more fun with Bing.// Fall was amazing this year. I miss it. // Sometimes you just need some warm socks and a little Brennan Manning to wind down for the evening.// RED CUPS! // Found our Christmas cards for this year! (Also, we bought extras and I'd love to send one your way! If you'd like a little Christmas snail mail, send your address to jessicae8429 (at) gmail (dot) com.) // Thanks to a tip from my sister-in-law, we found this Ariel. Um, my favorite Disney princess wearing glasses creepily similar to mine? Sold.


My handsome fella enjoying fall leaves at the park. // We also took a little trip to Wilson's Creek. // I had to double up on caffeine because sometimes Tuesdays are rough. // Got a little adventurous with an outfit and ended up loving it. // Started Christmas crafting with some toffee from Elle's to encourage me // We spent some time in Funtiques before it *sob* moves away // Tried Elle's lavender white hot chocolate. New favorite! // Took the Project Life plunge!// Quickly discovered that I need a better system of organization for my new addiction!


The most adorable PL card! // I made this wreath on a Christmas crafting binge... // ...and this mason jar snowglobe, too. // More fall wanderings at Nathanael Greene park...//...and through our favorite Springfield neighborhood. // Some days I just love Springfield a little bit extra...//...like when the Christmas lights go up downtown. // Tried out Hurts Donut and we're addicted! // Got the first round of pictures for scrapbooking!


My first Project Life page! // One of many trips to Hurts Donut! // I just needed a little taste of summer now that winter is popping in.// Something I need to remind myself of quite frequently.// Remembering Dad. // Tried to be productive, and the only thing I accomplished was a painted Chesterton quote (which wasn't even on my list!). // Trying to rise above some drama and negativity lately. // I was really really looking foward to a five-day weekend....and it's going by too quickly. // Elles is decked out for winter and it's so lovely.


Downtown Springfield is looking mighty Christmasy. // Took a little trip to Kansas City for Thanksgiving and had sooooooo much fun! // Found this little gem at my sister-in-law's. That Tyler sure was a cutie, amiright? // Stopped by Union Station after going to the Plaza Lighting Ceremony. // The inside was decked out and so gorgeous that I'm pretty sure I gasped right out loud. // More beautiful Union Station decorations!// Tyler and I found the mistletoe! // We climbed up the War Memorial for a view of Union Station and the KC skyline. // Back home, soaking in a little more Christmas spirit in our own little abode.

If you'd like to follow along in real time, you can find me on Instagram @jessicalaff!


  1. So many things to comment on here. Starbucks, red cups, CHRISTMAS cards ummm YES! This Elle's place sounds like a real winner, I'm sad that I'm SO far away. Also, my current obsession besides my peppermint white mochas are the blood orange san pellegrinos. So dang good.

    1. If you ever happen to visit Springfield, I'll take you! :) I've never tried the blood orange (I'm usually pretty "eh" on orange flavored things) but I've heard so many people say such good things about it that I might have to give it a try!


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