Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Currently: Christmas Eve Edition


Thinking: HOLY MOLY, YOU GUYS. It's Christmas Eve! How did that happen? Where did the year go?

Waiting: for my family to hurry up and get here already. I have no idea what we're going to do when they get here, but I'm getting antsy anyway!

Excited about: Christmas, obviously....but also our yearly tradition of driving to see the Monett Christmas lights! We won't go until the day after Christmas, but I'm already looking forward to it so much.

Listening to: Christmas music, of course! Currently it's Frank, but Bing and Charlie Brown have been making regular appearances too.

Wishing: it would snow for Christmas. Definitely not going to happen, but brief downpour yesterday seems like SUCH a tease. Not nice, Mother Nature. Not nice.

Drinking: Sinless Pastry Coffee, and I'm pretty much in heaven (and really highly caffeinated, because I've had an entire French press' worth....yikes! So good. )

Eating: an entire box of chocolate truffles--because, let's be honest, if I haven't gained ten pounds by the time this week is over, Christmas was a fail, right?

Hoping: You all are having the most wonderful Christmas Eve, seriously. I love this time of year, but I know it can be really hard and stressful for some people. I hope yours is truly the happiest.

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