Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall at Wilson's Creek, Part I

(Warning: Photo-heavy post)

Autumn in the Ozarks is truly incredible. The rolling hills are on fire with every possible hue of red, orange, and yellow. On a clear day, when the sky is that perfect shade of country blue--there's really nothing like it. Tyler and I have been making a conscious effort to spend time outside, enjoying the sights and the cool fall breezes. A couple weekends ago, we went back to Wilson's Creek, a civil war battlefield near our home, to see what autumn sights it had to offer. (You might remember our first trip there this summer, here and here.) I couldn't stop taking pictures. It was an absolutely perfect day....well, apart from the poison ivy rash that I somehow managed to get everywhere (my FACE included). Yeah, in November. Only me. You can't win 'em all, I guess. At least I have some gorgeous memories, right? Right.




Ribbet collage



  1. Aaah, so pretty!! I kind of wish it was still fall is definitely full on winter. Bleh!

    1. I think my ideal would be fall right up until the day before Christmas, then snow for a couple days, then spring. ;) Winter and I are not friends!

  2. Those colors are amazing!! So pretty! Hope your rash is healing... yikes that sounds painful!

    1. I ended up going to the doctor and being put on steroids, so it's almost gone now (thankfully!). Just a few spots here and there. It wasn't really painful, but the itching nearly drove me nuts! :)


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