Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Well, hey there, May.

May always seems like beginnings to me. Everything is turning green and flowers are blooming. I know we have some crazy rain and storms through both April and May, but somehow I blame April and give May a pass. Maybe it’s the old “April showers bring May flowers” rhyme that I learned in preschool, or maybe it’s that I had a Great-Grandma Mae who was the sunshiney-est (that’s like a double made-up word) person I knew, and who always had the best sugar cookies on the planet, warm from the oven.  But April and May are two totally different animals in my mind. April is stormy mornings, hot tea, and tattered novels (which there is absolutely nothing wrong with, by the way). But May….May is parks, warm sunshine, and flowers bursting open.  May just seems like a promise, especially on a gorgeous spring day in the Ozarks.  So I’m welcoming May with open arms and this song, which always feels like spring to me.

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