Saturday, May 25, 2013

This week in Instagrams

1) This is what happens when Journey comes on in Jimmy Johns and Tyler has no idea that he's in the picture I'm taking. It has to be one of my favorite snapshots of all time. This is why I love iPhonography so much--I get to capture these little moments that would otherwise just be lost. This is 100% Tyler. He has to be one of the silliest fellas I know. Love him so.

2) I am smitten with the warm weather lately. We spent part of an evening in the park with snowcones! Something about that combo always makes me feel like I'm back in high school. Tiger blood FTW.

3) In most of college and all of grad school, I lived in a house right in the middle of town (Rountree, for all you locals). It's pretty much my favorite part of Springfield, and most of the time I dream about moving back there. There is definitely something to be said about living outside of town, being able to go pick wildflowers any time I want. (Also, can you tell those are my new favorite shoes? This wasn't the same night as the park--I'm just wearing them all.the.time.)

4) I brought some sunshine into the apartment. I have a  fondness for milk glass + wildflowers, so these are now sitting in my favorite little corner of the apartment (see #6 and #9).

5) We love when Mandy and Brylee (Tyler's sister & niece) stop by for a visit. Brylee is the funniest kid ever. She can be kinda shy around new people, but she never has been around me, for some reason. Tyler warned me before I met her for the first time a couple years ago so I wouldn't be offended, but he left the room for a few minutes, and came back to us snuggled up on the couch playing with one of her toys. :) I just wish his other sister + her husband + kiddos were closer too!

6) I snagged this vintage chair at the Red Racks/DAV last week for FIFTEEN DOLLARS. It was quite a hilarious process actually getting it home (one involving a belt, a scarf, and the trunk of my car), but now it's all cleaned up and pairs pretty perfectly with my record player.

7) I hate tornado season, and it's here in full swing. These two pictures were taken literally 30 minutes apart. Nothing like a terrifying storm cloud and gorgeous sunset to make you feel all over the map with emotions.

8) I started playing around with apps and photos after seeing a picture from Leney's Instagram. I'm not even sure how I found her blog, but it's become one of my favorites to browse through, and her pictures make everyday life seem so beautiful.

9) This little corner has become my favorite place in the apartment. All my favorite things (books, plants, that yellow chair, my records, and record player....) are all right there, and it just feels so homey to me. A lot of the stuff in our apartment is just cobbled together from our respective college days, and even though most of it was mine from before, I don't feel like it really fits me anymore. This corner is the exception, though. I love love love it.

10) Yesterday was the worst day I've had in forever. I can't even pinpoint exactly why--it was just a combination of several things in succession, and a general case of the grumps. Lots of tears were shed, and lots of caffeine consumed...because we all know that Starbucks cures all manner of ills.

11) Today has been the complete opposite of yesterday. I've just been around the apartment, only doing things I want to do, and it's been amazingly relaxing. These days are so rare for me, because I always have something going, even if it's just one of my own projects. I like being busy, but every once in awhile, I need a day to do nothing but watch SVU marathons, browse the internet, and make tea the traditional English way.

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