Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This week in Instagrams

1&2: I drove to work in the most beautiful morning fog. I had to snap a couple quick shots of the field by our apartments. Sigh.

3: My first new records arrived from Amazon. Everything I had up until that point was all thrifted classics. But how do you NOT get Mumford and Bon Iver on vinyl? I mean, really.

4: Crazy storms brought in some amazing lightning, thunder, hail....and deeper thoughts from yours truly.

5: My temporary pet from our dinner at the park. So glad warm weather is back!

6. This past weekend flew by, and seemed so crazy. But I took a little "me time" one afternoon with some Earl Grey and Wendell Berry. I'm learning how important it is to slow down every once in awhile. Lately, I feel like I'm falling behind somehow, and I keep packing more things on my to-do list to feel like I'm making progress. I have to have time to unwind, though. If I have to put "me time" on a to-do list, I'll do it, because it's that necessary.

7. Tyler and I hardly ever watch movies because I'm way too ADHD most of the time. But we did sit down and watch one of my very very very favorite childhood movies: "The Last Unicorn." He actually liked it a lot...enough that he's been walking around singing one of the songs from the soundtrack ever since! (He also found out that there's a comic book series based on the book, so now he's on a mission. He REALLY wants to turn me into a comic book nerd.)

8. I did a stylized photo shoot with my friend Paula. She had a concept in her head built around this amazing vintage dress she found, and she asked me if she could photograph me for her portfolio. I am SO much more comfortable behind a camera than in front of one, but it was so much fun! We were laughing almost the entire time.

9. My mom came into town (and brought my brother with her!) for Mother's Day, since I couldn't make it back home. We only got to spend a couple hours together, but we went to Aviary for a mid-afternoon lunch, and it was perfect. They even snuck us in between reservations. Love that place so much.

10. Just downloaded the A Beautiful Mess photo app early yesterday morning. I'm a little bit addicted, if you want to know the truth. Judging from my Instagram feed, I'm not the only one!


  1. Your temporary pet is so cute!! Haha. I just downloaded a beautiful mess too, and I have a feeling it might turn into an addiction!

    1. Oh yeah. I've killed so much time re-editing old photos with cute fonts!

  2. Sad times for this Android user! No fun app for me YET!

    I loved that dress you styled for that shoot!!!

    1. Boo! :( Hopefully they come out with an Android version soon!

      That dress was amazing; she found it at Relics! I can't wait to see her final edits. She's sent me a few sneak peeks, and I'm DYING!

    2. YES! I was wondering if you'd post the pics!!!!!


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