Monday, May 13, 2013

New Obsession: Call the Midwife

Holy cow, you guys! Why didn't any of you tell me how awesome "Call the Midwife" is? I am so late to the party on this one. The husband and I have sort of become public television junkies lately.  (Not even kidding you, he JUST turned to me and exclaimed "Antiques Roadshow is on tonight!") It doesn't hurt that I really love British television. Sunday our evenings are consumed with The Dust Bowl, American Experience, and yes, Call the Midwife. I have yet to stay up late enough to watch The Bletchley Circle (I'm an 80-year-old woman, really) though the more I read about it, the more amazing it sounds. I watched Mr. Selfridge two weeks and liked it, but Jeremy Piven's character (uh....Mr. Selfridge) was actually conscious last week, and turns out Jeremy Piven kinda gets on my nerves. Oh well.


Call the Midwife.

If you like period dramas, England, or both--jackpot. Seriously, this show is so great. It centers around the midwives of a nursing convent in a poor area of 1950s London. I am OBSESSED. It's filling the hole in my heart that Downton Abbey leaves when it goes away between seasons. I jumped in somewhere in the middle of season two, and was hooked in one episode. I've cried three weeks in a row. Perhaps the best news of all? Miss Haley informed me that season one is on Netflix! So I know what my evenings are going to be consumed with...

Have you seen this show? Any fellow addicts out there?

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