Saturday, May 18, 2013

I took myself on a date

You know those moods where you want to have "me time" but the thought of being in your apartment for another second  sounds like torture? No? Just me? Well, I'm weird, then. But trust me, it happens. Yesterday, I was in one of those moods, but I couldn't figure out what to do where I wouldn't spend too much money, and it was unbearably humid and a little dreary outside, so the park didn't sound that great. I decided hit up a few thrift shops around town, then went to Target, ran by the pharmacy, headed to Relics, and stopped by a sweet little roadside plant nursery for some cilantro and flowers I (hopefully) won't kill. It was a pretty fun and productive little day, and I struck up so many conversations with strangers that it was impossible to feel lame for having a date day with myself. 

I am IN LOVE with this chair from one of the thrift stores. It wouldn't fit in my car, but I still almost went back for it, convinced that I could find a way to make it happen. We really have no place for it in our apartment, but I'm still tempted to go back for it, even today. I'm borderline obsessed with mustard-colored furniture, and this was a steal! *Sigh*

Okay, I popped into Starbucks on my way out of Target, and MY GOSH. I don't know what they did to this simple little iced coffee, but man oh man. It was the most delicious thing I've ever had. Totally hit the spot on such a gross Missouri day. I snapped this picture while waiting at the pharmacy. (Have I mentioned I love working for a company that has a pharmacy? Hello, employee discount. My no-baby meds were a whopping $3. TMI? Sorryboutit.)

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my husband LOVES Prince. I find this kind of hilarious (and maybe a little weird, but I'm all about Phil Collins, so whatevs.) I found this gem while digging through the record bins at Relics, and I had to buy it. It wasn't even an option. Though one of my instagram pics blew the surprise (he spotted it peeking out of my haul), it still made for an interesting few minutes when he busted out the moves to "When Doves Cry." God help us if I ever find a George Michael album (yes, my husband is obsessed with gay vocalists--we already own an Elton John record).

I FREAKED OUT when I found this. It's like a time machine to my childhood. I used to love watching Mary Poppins with my grandparents, and I would sing along to every single song. I snagged it for $3, and I couldn't believe it. It's probably my favorite find of the day. It may be playing on my record player right now...just saying.

Here's the total haul. Definitely a successful day, I'd say. If you're ever in the Springfield area and want to meet up to scour the flea markets and thrift stores, I'm your girl. I might start making this a weekly (or at least bi-weekly) ritual. 


  1. Those are some sweet thrift store finds!! I love the idea of thrifting, but I just don't have the gift. I do however, seem to be a goo luck charm for whoever I go thrifting with haha. And I totally know the "can't stay in my house another second" feeling haha.

    1. I was pretty proud of them. It was the first time I had been in forever, so it felt good to have such a good round!

  2. I am obsessed with solo dates. While I was living in DC a few years ago (in close quarters with several other people) my introverted self needed them ALL the time. I used to call them "dates with Jesus" because it was the only way I could clear my head. Now I reserve errands like grocery shopping and going to the laundromat for myself so I can still have some time to myself. It's just the best :)

    1. We are so much alike it's scary! I love that--"dates with Jesus"! I think I'm going to start using it because it sounds a little less pathetic (even though I'm totally one of those people who has no problem going to a restaurant or movie alone). ;)


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