Monday, April 15, 2013

music monday: Page CXVI

I love hymns--they're so rich and feel infused with the weight of history. Sometimes when I hear one, I'll imagine all the people who have heard  them before me, and what their stories might have been. I wonder where they sang them--a small country church or a grand cathedral--and what their hearts felt when they did.  Maybe that's whimsical or weird, but well, welcome to my brain. As much as I love them, though, sometimes those hymns start to feel a little forced or stale--as would any song after hearing it hundreds of times, I would think. That's why I appreciate when artists re-imagine and rerecord them, whether they change just a tiny bit or the entire feel of the song. Page CXVI is one such group of artists, and I was lucky enough to download  entire catalog on Noisetrade a while back.

Here are a couple of their songs. The first is "Be Thou My Vision."

Pay special attention to "Joy"--it wasn't my cup of tea at first, but it has grown to be my favorite by far. You can read the story behind this re-imagining here.


  1. I love old hymns! I am actually walking down the aisle to Sufjan Steven's version of Come Thou Fount! I stumbled upon Page CXVI a few months back and was hooked from the start. Love, love, love.

    1. LOVE that hymn! Sufjan's is one of my favorite versions (Mumford & Sons is right up there too). Great choice, lady!


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