Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life this week: homebody

This has been a pretty uneventful week. Aside from work, we didn't get out much except to go to dinner Saturday evening with Tyler's mom, sister, and niece. We've both had to use some sick days, and in the days leading up to my feverish battle with illness on Monday (that's still hanging around today, even though I'm at work, infecting the masses), I had a major case of the lazies. So here are a few scenes from our little life the past few days.

I'm loving this book. The last novel I read about death was Faulkner's As I Lay Dying years ago.
I couldn't even finish it because I was starting to get depressed. I thought the same 
might be the case with Tinkers, (especially since I've had two grandfathers, my father, 
an uncle, and several family friends pass away the past couple years) but it's so 
beautiful that I can't put it down. 

I have a new blogging assistant. :) Tyler bought this tiny little 
Ariel for me. She's my favorite! I was so obsessed with The Little

Mermaid when I was a kid.

I taught myself to knit Friday afternoon. I'm DEFINITELY an amateur, so 
don't look too closely. This was my first go at it, so there are a ton of 
mistakes, but I'm pretty proud that I figured it out so quickly. Once I get a 
little better, I'm going to start a scarf--I already have the chunky yarn!

Obsessed with these polka-dot tights. I've had them forever, but forgot
about them. I decided to wear them out to dinner with Tyler's fam.

Brylee cracks me up. She has such a great imagination. I love being
 "Aunt Jessica" to this cutie pie.

I went on the hunt for some culinary lavender over the weekend. It's
one of my favorite scents/flavors, (I adore lavender fudge!) and I had 
a craving for it. I let some buds steep with my Earl Grey tea, and it was
 absolutely amazing.  I definitely recommend it if you can find some!
New obsession.

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