Thursday, January 17, 2013

life this week: birthdays & busyness.

 This was my life this week:

I know, I know. It's such a small problem to have. I think Tyler handled it worse than I did, but he was also the one dealing with our apartment office, whose responses ranged from "our service man just left an hour ago" to "are you sure it's not a problem with your router?" to "well, okay, we'll call him back in, but if it turns out to be a problem with your router, you'll have to pay for the service call." Needless to say, we took our chances after five days of that screen up there, and trying to plug my computer directly into the wall with no luck. The service man ended up replacing cables in our wall, so I'd say yeah, it wasn't our router. I think the most frustrating part (for me, anyway) was the reaction of our office. That service is factored into our rent, so we pay for it. I think it made for a pretty crappy birthday week for Tyler, who lives and breathes online gaming. But it's fixed now!

Tyler's pretty happy about it. :) Actually that picture is from his birthday dinner at Cheddar's. He always makes that face when he's at Cheddar's. After dinner, we headed to GameStop to pick up his final birthday present, and then went to (where else?) Target. 

Sometimes I think I'm kind of insane. I brought home this piggy bank. But, okay, I've had a thing for unicorns since I was a kid. Tyler actually found it, and I almost left it at Target, but as I walked away from it, I could feel the reverse buyer's remorse creeping in. (Does anyone else get reverse buyer's remorse? Where, instead of regretting buying things when you get them home, you regret not buying something, and then think about it for months? Like I said, sometimes I think I'm insane.) I also got these belts for about $6.50 each! Hooray clearance!

Oh, and these salt & pepper shakers (also clearance!). We had been needing some pretty badly (my stepdad even commented on it at Christmas), but I'm so picky. I think these nesting dolls are pretty adorable, though.

I was super busy this week....and tired. Work drains me! I still found the time and energy to start our wedding guestbook/scrapbook (only 7 months after the fact), though. I still have to fancy it up a bit, but all the basics are finally in. I did this the night we were supposed to be hit with a winter ice storm. (We ended up with about a 10th of an inch of ice on our cars--just enough to be annoying--and the roads were clear by the next morning. I'm kind of okay with that. I like electricity and people not looting and acting like maniacs.)

Top right: Album cover// Top left: First page// Bottom: the guestbook "instructions" that we had on the table in an old typewriter.

Top right: our program & soundtrack//Top left: RSVP cards//Bottom: our guestbook! We had people sign tags that I had antiqued and hang them in a tree next to the guestbook table. :) I loved re-reading them all as I put them in.

I also made this, inspired by my friend Sarah, who has been turning these out like there's no tomorrow. It's a book of all the Christmas cards we received this year, our first Christmas together. I love when things are organized.

Off to work! My last day this week. Weekend, here I come!

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