Saturday, January 26, 2013

52 lists: proud

Here's another lists for the 52 Lists series inspired by Moorea Seal! This week's prompt is "List the things you should be proud of." This was a tough one for me, and I definitely procrastinated in writing this post.I was tempted to contract this out to one of my friends or family members, because they are such great cheerleaders for me, and I knew they wouldn't have half the difficulty I did. I don't know why it was so hard to come up with these; I kept thinking as I was writing that it would be so much easier to come up with things I need to improve on. I think that's a little sad, because even though I haven't gotten this whole life thing nailed quite yet, I've done a lot of things right (including surrounding myself with those supportive people I mentioned earlier!).

So here it is: the list of things I should be (and am!) proud of.

What are the things you're proud of? Do you find it more difficult to come up with these than things you need to improve on?

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