Tuesday, December 4, 2012

tattoo tuesday: the basics

I think I have a tattoo problem. I have three, and the list of the ones I want keeps growing faster than I can ink. With all fairness, though, that's probably because I set some ground rules for myself after I got my first one:

1) Whatever design I chose, I must have wanted for at least a year before I put it on my body.
2) I will wait a year after getting a tattoo before I get another one.

I set these about a week after I got my first tattoo because I wanted another one immediately. Pretty much anyone who's gotten a tattoo will tell you that they're kinda addicting. If I didn't set those rules, I'd probably have a full sleeve by now, and I'm not even kidding. For Tattoo Tuesday, I'll showcase my ink, as well as my ideas for more. It probably won't be an extremely long-lived series, but who knows? I may end up with that full sleeve after all. Ha.

#1: The Dove. This was my first tattoo, and I got it my freshman year of college. Even though I had been telling my mom since I was fourteen that I wanted a tattoo, she still almost had a heart attack when I called and told her (....after it was already done, of course. I'm not insane). She came around though, especially when she saw it. It's a very simple abstract dove, representing my faith. Christianity has a rich history of symbolism to choose from, but the dove has always struck a chord with me. Doves are a symbol for peace, and I'm a whole-hearted supporter of peace efforts, to the point of almost being a complete pacifist. My dove also represents freedom to me; I got it at a time in my life when I was slowly shedding the legalism that I had bought into along the way, and coming to my own understanding of who I was and the freedom Christ had given me. Finally, I got it on my foot because my faith keeps me grounded.

Next week: Listen to the Music

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