Saturday, December 8, 2012

more christmasy goodness!

Another Christmas post? Yep. (I told you guys, I'm pretty much obsessed with this time of year.)

**ADHD side note: CNN is on the tv, and I'm currently distracted by a Jewish man dancing on stage with a giant blue dreidel. What the what?**

My husband got MAJOR brownie points Thursday, when I got home from work and found this on the table: 
I've wanted one of these for years! What's even better is that this isn't a(n early) Christmas gift. He bought it just because! He's the best.  I can't wait to use it!

My Christmas party for work was last night. I saved my ugly Christmas sweater for a party later this month, but I decided to be a little festive with my nails. 
(Golden Ticket by Sonia Kashuk//Glam Glitter by Salon Perfect) 

As far as work parties go, it was pretty fun. My coworkers are awesome, and there was free food and tons of prizes. We didn't win anything (boo for working for a big organization!), but they gave away tons of cash and gift cards.
The party ended about half an hour earlier than planned, and since we were close to downtown and it was ArtWalk night (and reasonably warm!), we decided to walk around for a bit. We didn't stay long since Tyler had to work early today, but we did check out a couple of places, and we stopped in to see our favorite photographer, Colby Moore, at his studio downtown. He had a free photobooth set up, so we took a couple goofy pictures and chatted for a bit. I'm sure they'll be online later, so I'll post a link when they show up! (Colby did our engagement and wedding pictures, and we looooove them.) We also walked through the square, and there was a children's choir singing, and a violinist playing; the big tree in the center made for a gorgeous backdrop. That's my handsome husband checking out the scene.


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