Sunday, December 9, 2012

free music!

I probably should have saved this for tomorrow's Music Monday, but I just went on a downloading spree, and I had to share the wealth. Who doesn't love free music, right? Especially when it's, ahem, legal. I'm a big fan of NoiseTrade. If you haven't heard of it, it's a website started by Derek Webb (artist and former member of Caedmon's Call, holla!). Artists can voluntarily upload music (samplers, or sometimes full albums!) that you, in turn, can download for free. The artist gains new fans--and maybe a couple dollars, if you're so inclined, but it's up to you--and you get some free tunes. You just have to provide your email address, so they can send you a download link. Everybody wins.

Right now, there's some killer Christmas music on NT, hence this post! Some of my favorites (just click the link below each picture to go listen to a preview and--if you like it!--download):


P.S. While you're over there, check out a free audiobook by my friend Don Miller! He's a genuinely great author--I was a fan of his books long before I ever got to know him personally. The book is called Through Painted Deserts, and can be downloaded here.

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