Thursday, December 13, 2012

Downton Abbey

Can we talk for a second about Downton Abbey and how ridiculously amazing it is? (I swear, if Mitt Romney had ever seen a single episode, defunding PBS wouldn't have even crossed his mind.) I'm obsessed.

 Full disclosure here: I'm generally enamored with anything that has to do with England and British history, which is another post entirely. BUT I'm also a terribly inconsistent television-watcher. Even for my favorite shows (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Criminal Minds, anyone?), I end up abandoning the intention of keeping up with them in-season and just buy the seasons afterward and watch them straight through. The only exceptions my entire life have been LOST....and Downton Abbey. I'm GLUED to the TV every week (and then I still buy the seasons after they release). Romance and drama and history and intrigue and tragedy....and England. I am in HEAVEN. I am also literally counting down the days until Season 3! It airs January 6th on PBS, and they put the episodes up online too. There's also a ton of good extras over at their page on if you're addicted like I am. And if you're not, go watch so we can start a discussion about how amazing it is! Otherwise, I'll just end up texting my friend Sarah obsessively--actually, I'll probably still do that.

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